Read more about Crumbel, manufacturer of delicious Belgian cookies.

Crumbel: tasty to the last crumb

At Crumbel, we bake our tasty cookies every day with a huge amount of passion. And that’s no coincidence: as a genuine family company, our aim is always to deliver delicious delicacies that we can be proud of. Driven by the belief that great pleasure comes from small cookies, we combine our expertise with the finest ingredients to create a wonderful result. And although our range is quite extensive, all our products have one thing in common: they are of the finest quality. And whether they find their way to the consumer under a private label or our own brand, each and every one promises a magic moment of sheer indulgence.

Our service is very different

Special cookies require – and deserve – special service. That’s why we invest in working closely with our customers so that, together, we can create products that exceed expectations. For instance, we are always looking for the loveliest forms of packaging that meet the wishes of our consumers: attractive little carry-bags, boxes for families and luxury packs perfect for every festive moment. Whatever we are asked to do, we are always flexible in coming up with the best solutions. And it’s this same drive and enthusiasm that keeps us looking ahead as a young company that always wants to do better. So that more and more (and more) people are able to discover the pure pleasure of our Crumbel cookies.

Your slice of the Crumbel cake

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